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WebStorm 9 released with improved Dart support

Seth Ladd, on 22 Oct 2014
Today, JetBrains announced WebStorm 9, an update to their powerful web development editor. Highlights for the Dart developer include: pub serve support, improved isolates debugging, Observatory support, new syntax support, and more.WebStorm 9 now launches pub serve, Dart's development server, when the developer runs a Dart web app. Pub serve takes care of generating assets, compiling to JavaScript, and more.Developing and debugging apps that run multiple computations in parallel is now easier, thanks to the new ability to set breakpoints inside of isolates.For deep insight into your app running on the Dart VM, you can now open the Observatory directly... read more

Dart 1.7: easily share and use command-line applications built with Dart

Kevin Moore, on 15 Oct 2014
The Dart language, libraries, and runtime make it easy to create command-line applications. In fact, all of the core tools in the Dart SDK – dart2js, pub, and dartanalyzer – are written in Dart. We wanted to allow developers to easily get their own Dart scripts and command-line apps into users' hands. With Dart 1.7, users now have an easy way to install and run scripts built with Dart, making first-class command-line Dart apps a reality.Developers can specify executables (Dart scripts) in their pub package, which are made available to a user when the package is installed.Before:$> git clone$>... read more

How to deploy your Redstone.dart app to Heroku

Luiz Mineo, on 14 Oct 2014
Today I've got some time to play with the new cedar-14 stack and the Dart buildpack, and I'm impressed on how easy it is now to deploy Dart apps on Heroku. Basically, to run on Heroku, your app must be configurable through environment variables. The minimal configuration that every heroku application must handle is the port number, where the server is allowed to bind to. Let's see an example: import "dart:io"; import "package:redstone/server.dart" as app; //Import services here main(List<String> args) { app.setupConsoleLog(); //check environment variables var port = _getConfig("PORT", "8080"); //start the server app.start(port: int.parse(port)); } _getConfig(String name, [defaultValue]) {... read more

Dart plugin for Sublime updated with many new features

Seth Ladd, on 14 Oct 2014
Many of our developers enjoy using lightweight text editors, but still want to use features traditionally found in powerful IDEs. Today, in partnership with Guillermo López-Anglada, lead developer of the Dart plugin for Sublime, we are announcing many new features to help Dart developers stay productive in Sublime Text 3.With the Dart plugin, Sublime understands your Dart code and projects. Dart code is syntax highlighted, with support for the latest language keywords like async/await and deferred. To provide you with feedback on code quality, the plugin displays errors and warnings from static analysis.You can run web applications, command-line scripts, and... read more

Google Elections Launches New App Built with Dart, Polymer

Seth Ladd, on 13 Oct 2014
This past weekend, the Google Elections team introduced their Elections Explorer for Brazil: a live, real-time election results experience for the presidential, gubernatorial, senate, and chamber races in Brazil. This is the Google Elections team's second app built with Dart, and their first to use Polymer.The Google Elections team is happy with their experience. They write:"We love writing Dart because it's fast, compact, and sane. Great tools and a readable language give us the confidence we need to move quickly. But adding Polymer to the mix is pure gold. After years of writing code for the web, this was the first... read more