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Why Am I Getting a FOUC Warning in Polymer.dart?

Chris Strom, on 30 Sep 2014
The bad news is that I have a weird message popping up in some chapter projects from Patterns in Polymer. The good news is that I finally have the project code for every single chapter in under test (Dart and JavaScript). Some chapters have better test coverage than others, but coverage, once established, will only improve. But what good is having tests if the underlying code is producing warnings?This may be specific to Polymer.dart—I have not seen it in any of the JavaScript elements. But still, if I have a choice between no warning and some warnings, I will opt... read more

Testing Angular and Polymer.dart

Chris Strom, on 29 Sep 2014
Regardless of the solution that I use to double bind variables between Angular.dart and Polymer.dart, I need to test it. Without tests, I will have no warning when new versions of the libraries break the last working version.Before getting to the actual test, I need to make a change to the pubspec.yaml. Oddly, the latest versions of Angular.dart and Polymer.dart are incompatible—they have conflicting dependencies. Luckily, Dart Pub comes with a built-in solution for this, dependency_overrides. This setting lets application developers say, “I love you package X and I know you think that can only support version 0.10 of this... read more

Dart, Docker, and Determination

Matthew Butler, on 29 Sep 2014
Dart recently released official Docker Images for Dart. Docker is not something I’ve looked closely at in the past however I thought that this would make a good excuse to do so. If you’re not sure what Docker is, I’d recommend first checking out the official description. I have a number of components for my stack that I’d like to containerize. Nginx to serve static content and act as a reverse proxy, a Mongo database and of course my Dart server-side code. Looking at it I immediately know that Nginx really can’t be containerized until after my Dart code is... read more

Can't Bind Polymer.dart with Angular.dart's Built-In Syntax

Chris Strom, on 28 Sep 2014
I was able to get double binding working between Angular.dart and Polymer.dart last night, thanks mostly to the angular_node_bind directive. For demonstration, I bind the JSON from the <x-pizza> Polymer element into an Angular scope variable for display:Jyrki Grohn was kind enough to remind me that there should be an easier way to accomplish this in Angular.dart version 0.14 (which I am using). Angular.dart now boasts bind-* syntax for double binding properties between Angular.dart and Polymer. So let's see how it works.Unfortunately, it does not work for me. The angular_node_bind stuff worked by wrapping the Angular scope variable inside double... read more

Drone Onslaught Game

Davy Mitchell, on 27 Sep 2014
Hello! 'Diving Into Dart' has been on hiatus but I am getting things line up to get it going again. I happened upon my first ever Dart project - a conversion of my Python game Drone Onslaught. Unfinished but playable! Hope you enjoy it. Code should appear somewhere soon is on github. How to play : Use Arrow Keys To Move and 'S' to fire. Click here to play. read more